Greater Boston Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

Homicide and Assault Charges in Salem, Lynn and the North Shore

If you have been charged with a violent felony in Greater Boston, Middlesex County or the North Shore in communities such as Lynn, Salem or Peabody, it makes sense to work with an experienced, well-respected defense attorney who is familiar with the local courts, charging practices and law enforcement investigative protocols. Contact the law firm of Chapman & Chapman, P.C., for a free telephone consultation about your options whether you have been charged with murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, or domestic violence.

As a former assistant district attorney in Essex County, Randy Chapman was the chief of the Motor Vehicle Homicide Unit, where he led the prosecution of all fatal accident cases. Now in his 25th year of practice, he uses his understanding of the prosecution’s burden of proof to review the evidence necessary to obtain a acquittal for those charged with violent crimes.

Examples of the kinds of cases Chapman & Chapman handles include:

  • Murder, homicide or manslaughter
  • Attempted murder, aggravated assault or simple assault
  • Weapons offenses, including federal charges against a felon with a firearm
  • Kidnapping or carjacking
  • State or federal bank robbery charges
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence and restraining order violations

Complete exoneration is our objective in the defense of violent crime charges whenever possible. If the Commonwealth’s case has weaknesses, we will uncover them and present them to a judge or jury. If we have the opportunity to get serious violent felony charges reduced or dismissed, we’ll identify and pursue it. And if the defendant has no viable defenses, we will develop all the necessary evidence to negotiate the best possible result.

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We enter every case preparing for trial. From the first moment you meet with us, we will be focusing on whether you were treated fairly, including whether all your constitutional rights were respected by the police, prosecutors and courts. We will explore all legal and factual defenses. All defendants are presumed to be innocent. Only if the Commonwealth can prove the case to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt should a defendant be convicted. If you have a legitimate defense, will find it.

We utilize skilled licensed investigators, many with law enforcement experience solving difficult violent crimes. We will file discovery motions to flush out evidence held by the government that might assist in the defense. We will file court orders to compel witnesses, businesses, doctors or governmental agencies to produce evidence. Only when we have completed an exhaustive investigation, and are satisfied that the client has enough information to make an informed and intelligent decision about what to do, will we decide whether to insist on a jury trial, move to dismiss the case or exclude evidence, or resolve the case short of trial.

Even when the evidence against our client is strong enough to justify an emphasis on plea negotiations and sentencing strategies, we will continue to consider and pursue defenses. By negotiating from a position of strength, it is possible to craft a sentencing proposal that will spare our client a long prison term or even a criminal conviction. Whatever the best options in your situation might be, you can depend on Chapman & Chapman for an honest evaluation of your case, hard work, and the sound advice you need to make one of the most important decisions you may ever have to make.

To find out more about our firm’s experience with the defense of people charged with violent crimes in communities like Boston, Lynn, Salem or Peabody, contact a defense attorney at Chapman & Chapman in Chelsea or Salem for a free telephone consultation.