Massachusetts Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Selecting the Right Defense for State or Federal Court

At Chapman & Chapman, P.C., we are experienced in defending people facing charges from open and gross lewdness to sexual assault, including rape and indecent assault and battery. Whether you are looking for an acquittal, dismissal or reduction of serious sex offense counts, or feel that plea negotiations can protect you from the worst consequences of a conviction, such as the sex offender registry, the experience and aggressive representation of Chapman & Chapman can help.

As well as minimizing your exposure to punishment on the current set of charges, an important objective of our Massachusetts sex crimes defense practice is to avoid long-term or permanent sex offender registration obligations under both the state and federal systems. To learn more about the ways you can benefit from the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, contact the law firm of Chapman & Chapman for a free telephone consultation.

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We represent people facing sex crime charges of all kinds, and our defense strategies are matched to the demands of our client’s specific situation. Some cases will depend on expert forensic analysis of physical evidence or computer files, while others will scrutinize the quality of child witness interviews and the possible bias or unreliability of mandated reporters. Regardless of the particular circumstances of your case, our goal is to expose the weaknesses in the case against you to the greatest extent possible.

Chapman & Chapman represents clients charged with state or federal sex crimes in the Boston metro area, Middlesex County and on the North Shore in communities such as Salem, Lynn, Peabody and Lawrence. Massachusetts sex crimes defense attorney Randy Chapman helps people find the best approaches to the effective resolution of such serious charges as:

  • Sexual assault, especially cases involving people who know each other, as in current or former dating relationships
  • Indecent assault and battery
  • Statutory rape and other sex crimes involving minors
  • Sexting and similar pornography offenses involving minors
  • Internet solicitation of a minor for sex
  • Internet prostitution charges
  • Child pornography charges, usually stored on computers, in state or federal court
  • Open and gross lewdness or indecent exposure

Many of the firm’s clients in sex crime cases are licensed professionals in such fields as teaching, coaching, medicine, nursing or law enforcement. Sex crime allegations will create serious problems with a Massachusetts licensing board in proceedings entirely separate from the criminal prosecution. Our law firm can help you deal with the professional consequences of your situation while protecting your interests in the criminal case.

For a free telephone consultation with a knowledgeable Massachusetts sex crimes defense attorney, contact Chapman & Chapman, P.C., in Chelsea or Salem.