Drunk Driving Defense in Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk Counties

An arrest for OUI — operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs — puts into motion a chain of consequences for the person accused of driving drunk. First, you will be charged with a crime, usually a misdemeanor, but sometimes a felony. Second, you risk losing your driving privilege for a period of several months or longer. Third, you will be facing either mandatory education programs or lengthy incarceration. You may also encounter problems with your employment or your career. Finally, any conviction of Massachusetts OUI or DUI from other states will increase your exposure to punishment on a future offense.

The advice and advocacy of an experienced Greater Boston OUI defense attorney can help you find ways to minimize the consequences of a drunk driving arrest. To work with a lawyer who knows how to expand your options toward a satisfactory outcome, contact Chapman & Chapman, P.C., in Chelsea or Salem for a free telephone consultation.

OUI/DUI Defense Lawyer Serving Salem, Lynn, Newburyport and the North Shore

Our goal is to protect our clients from the worst consequences of a drunk driving conviction. A detailed evaluation of your case and the evidence against you is a starting point for developing the defense strategy that’s right for your case.

If it’s your first offense, we might be able to get you into a diversion program that will protect your criminal record. If we can challenge the reasons for stopping your car or for placing you under arrest, we might be able to get the charges dismissed or reduced. The circumstances of the test that measured your blood alcohol concentration might support an attack based on problems with the toxicology evidence.

Chapman & Chapman works with clients throughout Greater Boston and the North Shore to protect their interests across the full spectrum of OUI charges and scenarios:

  • First-offense OUI arrest

  • OUI charges against commercial driver license holders based on blood alcohol levels as low as .04 percent

  • Repeat drunk driving charges based on a prior Massachusetts conviction or a DUI or DWI case from another state

  • Felony OUI based on two prior convictions

  • Assault, manslaughter or homicide charges related to a drunk driving accident

  • Zero tolerance cases against students under age 21, including minor-in-possession or open container violations

  • Juvenile drunk driving cases

  • License suspension hearings before the Registry of Motor Vehicles