For dependable advice about your defense of state or federal fraud charges in Massachusetts, contact the law firm of Chapman & Chapman, P.C., in Chelsea or Salem for a free telephone consultation with a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Our law firm advises clients throughout Greater Boston, Middlesex County and such Essex County communities as Salem, Lynn, Peabody and Danvers.

Many kinds of fraud, such as insurance fraud, embezzlement or prescription drug fraud, can be prosecuted in either the state or federal courts, but we can often achieve a tactical advantage by working to keep a case that could go either way in the state system, where the options are somewhat wider in terms of diversion or sentencing alternatives. Fraud cases that involve federally insured financial institutions, federal tax evasion, Medicaid fraud or unlawful collection of federal benefits will usually be referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Sound Advice in Massachusetts White Collar Crime Defense

With 25 years of experience in criminal practice, Randy Chapman can assess your situation, evaluate the evidence, advise you of your options and protect your interests at each stage of the case, from the investigative stages before indictment through trial or sentencing.

Here are some examples of the kinds of fraud and white collar crime cases we handle:

  • Credit card fraud

  • Employee theft

  • Internet fraud

  • Fraud in mortgage lending or borrowing

  • Insurance fraud

  • Health care fraud

  • Forgery

Whether your case is under federal or state investigation, the opportunity to obtain legal advice before indictment can turn out to be a valuable way to protect yourself from the most serious potential charges.

Massachusetts Lawyer for Property Crime Charges: Call 617-884-6400

Criminal defense attorney Randy Chapman advises clients about the best ways to defend against allegations of property crime charges of all kinds, from shoplifting or retail theft to burglary, larceny or auto theft. Much of our work also involves defending juveniles or youthful defendants who stand to lose a great deal more from the creation of a criminal record than they do from the punishment on the current offense.

Our law firm’s resourceful approach to the defense of property crimes emphasizes the protection of long-term interests, so that a single incident does not have continuing adverse consequences for years to come. Our extensive successful experience in defending those accused of property crimes can ensure you the best possible result.

For more information about our experience and client service in property crime and white collar defense, contact Chapman & Chapman, P.C., in Chelsea or Salem for a free telephone consultation.