If you need legal advice about a federal criminal investigation or indictment for a federal criminal offense in Massachusetts, it makes sense to work with a defense lawyer who is familiar with federal law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and courts. The state and federal criminal justice systems in Massachusetts are very different from one another, and you should expect your defense team to have a thorough understanding of these differences if you need help with a federal charge.

Contact Chapman & Chapman, P.C., in Chelsea or Salem for a free telephone consultation with an experienced federal defense attorney. Our familiarity with the demands of criminal practice in the U.S. District Court can benefit you from the very earliest stages of the case. And because of the nature of federal criminal practice, the sooner you obtain legal advice, the sooner you can start protecting your interests.

While most state prosecutions start after an arrest on suspicion of a specific criminal charge, federal cases tend to involve ongoing investigations of patterns of criminal activity. Most federal prosecutions formally begin with a grand jury indictment, but the grand jury might have been hearing evidence for weeks, months or even years in a case involving dozens of suspects and coordinated investigative efforts from multiple agencies.

Depending on the specific crimes under investigation, many people will receive some early indication that federal investigators from the FBI, DEA, ATF or other agencies are interested in them, either as a witness or possibly a target. If you have been approached for an informal interview with federal agents, that moment is an excellent time to consult with an experienced defense attorney.

You should take full advantage of any opportunity to get your defense underway before indictment whenever possible. A skilled lawyer can engage with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to find out what the prosecutors think you’ve done and how deeply they think you’re involved. The nature and severity of the potential charges against you will vary according to your status in the investigation: Are you the main target, a “person of interest” or a witness?

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Salem, Lynn, Peabody and Newburyport, as Well as Boston and Middlesex County

The work your attorney can perform on your behalf during the investigative phase of a federal case can have a powerful effect on the eventual charges, which in turn affect your exposure to punishment. At Chapman & Chapman, our experience with the resolution of serious criminal charges can help people facing a wide range of federal charges, including:

We have obtained exceptional results for clients charged with conspiracy to traffic in cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs. We have also successfully defended clients accused of racketeering, money laundering and various white collar crimes. We have provided effective representation for many individuals called before federal grand juries. We often assist clients with interview requests from federal investigators, subpoenas to appearances before a grand jury, requests to turn over documents or computer files, or search warrants for the seizure of office files, computers, cash or drugs.

After the indictment is returned, we prepare your case for trial while at the same time working on ways to improve your position through pretrial motions, attention to sentencing issues and focused plea negotiations built from a position of strength. Our goal is to protect you as completely as possible from the risk of punishment on any serious federal charge.

For more information about the best ways to develop and expand your options toward a favorable outcome in a federal criminal case, contact the law firm of Chapman & Chapman in Chelsea or Salem.